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Fri, Jan 24 - The Cyrk
Wed, Feb 27 - King's Head Pub
Wed, Apr 10 - Sawatdee Thai (Aband*nthecar)
Sun, May 5 - The Purple Room (Aband*nthecar)

After a summer touring the Canadian festival circuit with The Flaming Trolleys, Johnny spent the fall creating a whole new live experience. Watch out for Aband*nthecar playing around Winnipeg this summer!

Email [email protected] to get in touch about booking a show or house concert.

  • @alysonshane for some reason this feels like a standard reply to a lot of what I say.
  • @alysonshane what about #pota and #toma across each foot? I feel like we're not far off something usable here...
  • Looks like my account was hacked by the Russians! Thanks @alysonshane for the head's up!
  • Stoked to get back to Winnipeg tomorrow for a night of songs at the Cyrk!
  • RT @Aband_nthecar: New song Monday! Give it a spin! #SoundCloud #Synthpop #MusicMondays

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